The Goodness Sakes

by The Goodness Sakes

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Austin Norman lives in Austin, TX and writes music and wants you to sing along with him. He writes it so that he doesn't feel bad about the words you're singing should you decide to sing along with him.


released November 9, 2013

Austin Norman - Vocals, Drums, Guitars
Chad Jaso - Bass Guitar
Matthew Hagerman - Production, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Album art by Ryan Lewis Design []



all rights reserved


The Goodness Sakes Austin, Texas

The Goodness Sakes (Austin, TX) is an indie rock band with dashes of punk and country. Lead by Austin Norman, he writes of overcoming addictions and learning to be the person he’s supposed to be. When the chance to make music arrives, the band strives to deliver a performance that is built on transparent integrity. Influences include The Mountain Goats, The Front Bottoms, and The Hold Steady. ... more

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Track Name: Acidmaker
I will stay standing on my feet
I will take whatever I please
I will not take Exit 167
Due to all of the bad memories
Swallow your anger, spit out your wine
Just know nobody else is doing fine
You've got your split-lipped Houston smile
and the future's bright

Let the broken strings unwind
I'm silver and sulfur when they combine
You can't complain about your old home changing when you're the one who left it
So just hold your breath this time
You've lost your ability to whine
It's what you needed all this time
Start getting mad about the right things, give yourself a break
You'll be just fine

So let the hammer fire away
No silver bullets, no saving face
So look up, count back from a hundred
And take it like a levy taking on a hurricane
I've got paper cups, so let's pour the wine
If we're all breathing, we're doing fine
All jacks, no aces, a familiar song,
And the future's bright.
Track Name: Tattered Hardcore T-Shirt
These black band t shirts just don't work like they used to
Faded anachronisms, distant planets in the past
It's finally getting colder here two whole months into winter
Remnant tinsel lines the streets, wondering how long it'll last

I rode the bus loop twice around, couldn't think of anything better
Thought about how everything is made a little better with a dog
I kind of wish I was someone else, like a photographer or painter
Cold coffee in my cold hands, I roll out into the fog

I guess I'll call someone and tell them
I need a ride back to my house
So they know that I'm not dying
I just needed to get out

I can't really remember how I got back home
And the buzz that stows away on my F# keeps ringing out
There's a box up on the table filled with digital reminders
I'll get to them in the morning, because it's winter now
Track Name: Boat Song
I was a boat by the lake
Stationed and silent and lost
You were just running away
And needed a lift across
You put all your things in a bag
And hopped across the water with me
I took you to where the train tracks
And the edge of the water meet

Then I was a plane in the sky
Searching for some place to land
And you were a frightened soldier
Waiting with the gun in your hands
And suddenly I lose control
Crash position won't save a thing
I try not to hurt anyone
But I can't steer and I can't see
Track Name: Sober
There are many days
I've quelled disaster jumping from my throat
In the hopes that I would never dash my hopes
And I could safely stay right where I am
With no real place to go

I see finally
You slid your hand across my back again
Like the bow across the strings of a violin
It shook my surface, choking on the dust
But I'm worn too thin

I remember now
A story from so many years ago
King David crying on the floor alone,
"God please don't take my son from my arms.
He is my home."

At my old high school
We found a hiding space between the walls
You could only find your way there if you crawled
And we stashed full of photographs and lights
And then we left it all

Well I think I got it now
There really is no way to win this bet
If you keep the books closed sitting on your chest
Well I think I'm not afraid to be alone
But I ain't been there yet.
Track Name: Forgot My Grief
We sat on the front porch and talk about which of our friends were going to hell
We've always heard it said the kingdom of Heaven's like a pearl inside a shell
Then the glowing ring would crawl, and I cannot recall what happened next, what that became
I forgot my grief, and I forgot my friends just the same

Well I'd bottle up forgiveness if I could. I would give it out for free
So I think I'll give mine all away. Just take it and stay the hell away from me
I gave you what you want so every single one of you are now free from me
So run along, no nothing's wrong, I swear that I'm eleated and

This joy is not a choice
I'll fight you on that fact to the end of my voice
Swim away from me. Give me to the sea
Don't you trust a man who's forgotten his grief

I laid on my back at 3AM on some walkway overpass
No I couldn't sleep in my own bed, I was scared that I'd fall asleep too fast
So many brand new prefixes, I guess I just need sleepless, artificial despondency
So I made it up as I went along, no I don't feel a thing but this false joy

It's not a choice
I'll fight you on that fact to the end of my voice
Swim away from me. Give me to the sea.
Don't you trust a man who's forgotten his grief.
Because that man's me. Oh what have I become?
I'll fight you all to hell where this head of mine comes from.
No I am not your friend, though I have tried to be.
I am just the man who's forgotten his grief
I forgot my grief

Some false joy, I made my choice
You will account for every song that's sung with your voice
Swim away from me. Give me to the sea
When my sins find me out, where the hell will I be?